10 Point Computer Repair


Paradise Computer Service offers a great Clean-Up and Speed Up 10-Point Computer repair service.
For $85 we will do a full 10 Point inspection as well as a full cleaning of all fans, heat sinks and power supplies.

Maintenance is key to extending the life of your computer, do this once a year and get the best computing experience with minimal costs.

10 point PC inspection:

  • Startup Minimization: Reduce the number of programs that start when a user logs in, decreasing boot up time and increasing overall speed of computing
  • Antivirus Installation & Scan: Replace old/expired versions of antivirus software with Avast Antivirus and scan for and remove viruses. This anti-virus program is completely free for home users, never any cost to renew.
  • Cache Flush: Clean up unused temporary files left by various programs
  • Spyware Scan: Install antispyware software and scan for and remove spyware
  • TCP/IP protocol audit: Repair the TCP/IP protocol if necessary
  • Full Physical Cleaning: We vacuum and clean with compressed air all interior fans, heat sinks and power supplies. Dust and heat destroy computers!
  • Windows Updates: Update the computer so that it has the latest security patches
  • Automatic Updates: Set computer to receive automatic updates from Microsoft
  • Hard drive defragmentation: Optimize the way data is currently stored on the hard drive in order to optimize computing experience
  • Browser settings audit: Reset Internet Explorer’s security and usability settings in order to provide a safer web experience

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